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As opposed to traditional ice cubes, the Avanti Rose Quartz Gin & Wine Stones do not melt, ensuring your wine or gin stays chilled without diluting or compromising the flavour. Cut from natural rose quartz crystal, the shape and size is perfect for wine or tumbler glasses allowing the stones to slide freely throughout the glass whilst at the same time cooling. They are reusable, non-porous, odourless and do not impart flavour. They offer a perfectly chilled drink from the first sip to the last!

To use the Gin & Wine Stones simply store them in a freezer in their velvet pouch. When needed, simply rinse with water before gently placing 2 or 3 stones (depending on desired temperature) into your drink to enjoy

- Cut from natural Rose Quartz
- Dimension: 2 x 2 x 2cm
- Set includes 6 stones, complete with velvet storage pouch
- BPA free
- Non-porous
- Flavour nor odour
- Rounded edges to prevent scratching
- Reusable