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With a slightly different body design to the Classic, the bamix Mono sets you on your way in the kitchen with some extra blades to broaden your culinary abilities.

Featuring not only the Multi-Purpose Chopping Blade, but also the Beater Blade and Whisk/Blender Blade, you’ll find yourself able to whip up an array of dishes in no time!
Mix, blend, puree, chop, crush, whisk, beat and more…

- Made in Switzerland
- Simple to use, two button operation
- 140W heavy-duty AC motor
- Double insulation
- Soft-grip safety switches
- Immersion depth of 20cm
- 2 speed settings; 12,000 rpm & 17,000 rpm
- 14 x 36 x 9.5cm

- Multi-purpose Blade (C)
- Aerator / Beater Blade (A)
- Blender / Whisk Blade (B)
- 600ml Beaker
- Wall bracket