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The best of both worlds, the Ecology Dotto Dinner Bowl in Soba is a hybrid of a bowl and a dinner plate. Wide enough to serve up traditional plated meals, but with raised sides that are perfect for pasta, soup or salad. This all-rounder sits comfortably at the dinner table and just as naturally on your lap in front of the TV.

Be soothed by the pared-back aesthetic and gentle organic form of Dotto. A transparent white-wash accentuates the indented dots that envelop each piece of this dining and serveware collection. Made of stoneware, the textured dots offer a tactile element to your dining experience, while the fine edges and light-weight feel create a sense of minimalism merged with relaxed simplicity. Indulge in this gorgeous dinner plate featuring smooth, tapered rims to heighten any dining experience.

- The Dotto Dinner Bowl in Soba is 21cm.
- Dimensions: Length: 21cm Height: 4.5cm
- Finished by hand, each piece is unique.
- Dimpled texture.
- Features a flat base for a lower profile design.