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- Dual independent controls: Each pair of slots work independently of each other to multi-toast a wide range of breads or crumpets requiring different settings. Defrost toast in one slot and keep crumpets or frozen pastries warm in another.
- One touch controls: Raises and lower bread, even in the middle of a cycle.
- 7 shade settings: Turn the shade control to the right for darker toasting or to the left for lighter.
- Extra wide slots: Handles the thickest breads, crumpets, bagels, or pastries easily to accomodate whatever you're toasting up to 3.8cm thick.
- All metal construction: Durable steel with removable crumb tray and sleek design.

Multi-function buttons:
- Keep warm function: Keeps toasted froods warm for up to one minute.
- Crumpet function: Reduces power on one side by 50% to gently brown the outside and precisely toast the inside.
- Defrost function: Breads can be toasted to perfection in minutes.
- Reheat: Quickly reheats previously toasted foods in less than 1 minute.
- Toast/cancel: An easy way to start or stop toasting at any point.

Note: This toaster will make a beeping noise once toasting has been finished.